The Aboduabo prospect is located approximately 5km north of the Chirano Mine Process Plant and 10km south of the Bibiani Mine Process Plant.  Aboduabo is 7 km south of our Russel South deposit.  Aboduabo lies within the Bibiani mineralized trend and is hosted in Birimian sedimentary rock sequences. The Chirano gold deposits are primarily hosted in Birimian volcanic and granitoid sequences along the sub parallel Chirano trend.

The Company announced initial exploration results at Aboduabo on January 17 and February 8, 2023. From the start of exploration by Asante, 50 drill holes totaling 11,950m have been completed.  These are focused on mineralization extensions along strike and down plunge.



  • New drill intercepts have extended strike length of mineralization to the north
  • The latest results continue to support an open pit development scenario within a corridor on the Bibiani Shear zone which has a long history of gold production
  • Gold mineralization remains open along strike and to depth within favourable geology
  • Selected intercepts include:
  • CHRC3384D – 36.8m @ 2.56 g/t Au from 280.75m to 317.55m
    • Includes 55m @ 3.13 g/t Au from 280.75m to 302.3m
  • CHRC3358D – 29.75m @ 2.04 g/t Au from 187.0m to 216.75m
    • Includes85m @ 5.47 g/t Au from 196.65m to 204.5m
  • CHRC3375D – 47.8m @ 1.76 g/t Au from 287.2m to 335m
    • Includes7m @ 2.06 g/t Au from 287.2m to 313.9m
  • CHRC3377 – 23m @ 2.31 g/t Au from 51m to 74m

                    And 15m @1.24g/t Au from 0m to 15m

  • CHRC3374 – 0m @ 1.81 g/t Au from 168.0m to 196.0m
    • Includes0m @ 4.10g/t Au from 168.0m to 177.0m
  • CHRC3366 – 26.0m @ 1.32 g/t Au from 157.0m to 183.0m
    • Includes0m @ 2.43 g/t Au from 172.0m to 183.0m
  • CHRC3367- 36.0m @ 1.22 g/t Au from 163.0m to 199.0m
    • Includes 3.0m @ 4.87 g/t Au from 196.0m to 199.0m
  • CHRC3376 – 12m @ 1.46 g/t Au from 45m to 57m
  • CHRC3387 – 27m @ 1.48 g/t Au from 104m to 131m


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