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  • July 28, 2023
  • Friday, 12:24 PM GMT+0000 - 12:24 pm

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Global Business Speaks with Dave Anthony, President and CEO

Friday, 12:24 PM GMT+0000 - 12:24 pm
July 28, 2023


“On a path to reach over half a million oz/y, and given the immense exploration potential on the Chirano-Bibiani corridor, Asante Gold is a real growth opportunity and has proven it can deliver. “

Dave Anthony

Asante Gold is on a path to becoming a mid-tier gold producer, after acquiring two brownfield projects over the last few years. Could you walk us through your current production plan?

For the 2023 fiscal year ending in January, we are expecting to reach a run rate of 400,000 oz/y from the Bibiani open pit and Chirano open pit + underground. We are also planning to go underground at Bibiani. The Bibiani sulfide plant should be running in early 2024, with gold recovery over 92%. This will bring our production from Bibiani to about 250,000 oz/y, to be ramped up to 350,000 oz/y in early 2025. With the 200,000 oz/y coming from Chirano, by 2025 we are looking at an annual production profile of about 550,000 oz. Currently, we have several capital initiatives to increase our recovery at both mines, boost our ounce production by 30%, and reduce AISC by 10%. We expect to bring down the AISC to between US$1,200-1,300/oz by the end of the year. 

What synergies between the mines have been created with the acquisition of Chirano? 

The Chirano lease is immediately contiguous to Bibiani’s. The acquisition gave us an opportunity to control 53 km along the Bibiani and Chirano shear zones. This is an extraordinarily prospective trend that has produced over 8 million oz throughout its history. The exploration results achieved over the past few years suggests that we have only started to Continue Reading

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