Asante Gold

Analyst Coverage

Eight Capital

Puneet Singh | | (647) 265-8216

Jack Keating | | (647) 832-0908

Canaccord Genuity

Kevin MacKenzie, P.Geo., MBA | Analyst | | 1.604.643.7357

Steve Searles | Associate | | 1.416.883.4223

Asante is being tracked by the research analysts mentioned. Please be aware that any assessments, estimations, or projections regarding Asante's performance made by these analysts are solely their own and do not reflect the viewpoints, forecasts, or predictions of Asante or its management. By referencing them or distributing their work, Asante does not indicate its support for or agreement with such information, conclusions, or recommendations.

Please note that Asante does not furnish analyst reports. Kindly reach out to the research analyst directly to acquire a report.